Over the past few years I have had the amazing privilege of running around, taking photos of beautiful people for a living. I have learned a ton of little tips + tricks to speed up my workflow, aid me when shooting and help build my portfolio. Unfortunately, it took years to teach myself some of these things through trial + error. I wish that I had someone there to guide me at a reasonable price. When I was starting out, there was no way I could afford any of the workshops or mentor sessions on the market. That is why I am offering these training sessions for up & coming photographers that are much more affordable.

Mentor Sessions


It’s time to get hands-on! I’ll set up a shoot for us, we’ll grab some coffee and go completely through workflow, steps A-Z. We can dial it in to anything you're looking to get out of the shoot. We'll cover it all, seriously nothing is off the table. Some topics we can hit but are definitely not limited to:

  • building your business

  • camera settings

  • editing in Lightroom

  • image/website critique

  • portfolio building

  • workflow

  • capturing genuine emotion

You’re making moves! Let’s do this, friend. Reach out below.

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